Be A RENOgrapher Photography Contest

Who can join Be RENOgrapher Photography Contest?

All Malaysians, aged 13 years old and above are welcome to join.

I notice that this is a contest organized by OPPO Malaysia, what if I’m not an OPPO users?

Again, all Malaysians are welcome to join, regardless if you’re an OPPO or non-OPPO users. That’s the spirit of photography in which we believe.

Do I have to use an OPPO phone to take photos for the contest?

No worries if you do not own an OPPO smartphone. This contest offers Non-OPPO User category for everyone to participate. Also, you’re highly encouraged to use an OPPO phone to take part in this contest as tons of amazing prizes await you for the OPPO user category.

I am not an OPPO user, but I would like to join. However, my own phone camera has a watermark. What should I do?

You can simply turn it off. This is a requirement for non-OPPO smartphone users to join the contest.

I’m an OPPO user, should I turn on the watermark on the camera? What if my phone doesn't have watermark function?

Yes, you must turn on the watermark to take photos. Follow simple steps below:
1. Launch the camera app, enter top right settings
2. Enable the slider to turn on the watermark. You can also add a name to go along with the
watermark if you like.
If your OPPO smart phone doesn’t come with watermark function, please make sure you hashtag your phone model in caption (eg. #OPPOA71, #OPPOA57)

How do I join the contest?

For OPPO User
Step 1: Choose a theme category that interests you (see table below). Participants are encouraged to join more than one category.
Step 2: Take an original photo that captures the theme you picked, using any OPPO smartphone. Ensure that the OPPO watermark function (if it is available) in your Camera Settings is enabled before taking any photos.
Step 3: Post the photo on Instagram (feed) with 3 hashtags:
i. #BeRENOgrapherxOPPO
ii. Hashtag of your phone model (eg. #OPPOReno4Po)
iii. Hashtag of your chosen theme category (from step 1). Ensure that your Instagram profile is set to ‘Public’.
Step 4: To ensure we don’t miss out your submission, you are encouraged to submit your Instagram URL to <https://forms.gle/GRtpamKFVdX3uQtU6>.
For Non-OPPO User
Step 1: Choose a theme category that interests you (see table below). Participants are encouraged to join more than one category.
Step 2: Take an original photo that captures the theme you picked, using your smartphone. Ensure that the watermark function on your smartphone is disabled.
Step 3: Post the photo on Instagram (feed) with 2 hashtags:
i. #BeRENOgrapher
ii. Hashtag of your chosen theme category (from step 1). Ensure that your Instagram profile is set to ‘Public’.
Step 4: To ensure we don’t miss out your submission, you are encouraged to submit your Instagram URL to <https://forms.gle/q1ZJkDd4TkG2nDQe9>

Should I submit my Instagram URL to google form?

Yes, you should. You are highly recommended to submit your Instagram URL to the Google form. This helps the organizer to ensure every participation counts and reach out selected winners!

What’s the limit of photos I can submit?

It’s unlimited. If you have taken tons of amazing photos and you’re eager to share, please upload them all. You will stand a higher chance to win too. But only one entry will be considered for the category winner and ultimate winner.

What are the categories of this contest?

We have four categories namely, Clearly Your Best Night, Clearly Your Best Portrait, Clearly Your Best Creativity, and Clearly Your Best Landscape.

Can I join all 4 categories?

Absolutely. If you have taken amazing photos that are related to all 4 categories, feel free to share them all to join our contest. Make sure you use the correct hashtag for each submission.

How can I determine the category my photo belongs to?

Clearly Your Best Night
A captivating scene in low-light conditions
As the name suggests, this theme considers photos showcasing the beauty of Malaysia at night or any low light condition. It could be the best night scene or night portrait, any scene of the ambient city or of you posing with the Petronas Twin Towers beneath the stars. Discover the beauty near you safely
Clearly Your Best Portrait
Using portraiture to experiment with identity
As for this category, your photo is required to have a real person and not people that are in paintings, poster, stickers, mannequins etc. Take time and appreciate people closest to you and they just might be your muse.
Clearly Your Best Creativity
Turning the usual unusual; flipping the familiar
“Creative” is a word of endless possibilities. Take a photo of something out of the norm that puts things in a different perspective, be it a false perspective or a fresh perspective. For example, an upside-down building, or even using everyday objects at home such as a spoon or a hanger and let your imagination run wild and show us what creative means in this category.
Clearly Your Best Landscape
An inspiring landscape scene: nature or urban
Your friendly neighborhood park could also be a source of inspiration, kampung roads, ponds, forests, paddy fields, buildings, or even cityscapes all fall under this category.

Can I submit more than one photo in the same category?

The more the merrier, there’s no restriction on the number of submissions and you can upload as many as you want. Your best shots are worth to be shared, seen and even rewarded, right?

What caption should I write for my photo?

If you have a gift for writing, go ahead and describe more about your photo and why you took it, in English, Mandarin, or Malay. This may help us form a better understanding of your photo. However, this isn’t required for the submission to be eligible. You can simply use some emojis, if that’s your preference! The best photos will speak for themselves. Most importantly, don’t forget to use the hashtags! Refer to question No.6 for the correct hashtags to use for each category.

Can I upload multiple photos at once to Instagram?

Although you may upload unlimited photos, you can only upload one photo per post on Instagram. This helps us analyse and identify your submission better. But do remember, you’re allowed to upload as many photos as you would like, just in different posts.

What information should I provide after I upload my photos to Instagram?

Please fill up your personal details and submit your Instagram URL to confirm your participation:
OPPO user – https://forms.gle/GRtpamKFVdX3uQtU6
Non OPPO user – https://forms.gle/q1ZJkDd4TkG2nDQe9

As participants can join all 4 categories, it is possible to win more than one prize?

A great question, in fact you can. As we have weekly winners and ultimate winners, you can actually be both! However, if you win as the weekly winner for one week, you will not be the weekly winner again for any other weeks. Still, you do stand a chance to become the ultimate winner.

What’s the winner selection process?

All photo submissions will be evaluated by our 4 professional judges and OPPO Malaysia.

I notice that this contest is supported by other partners as well. Can I join and stand a chance to win their prizes?

Be ambitious! The aim of this contest is to unleash your photography talent and therefore you’re encouraged to join theirs too. But do note that our participating partners use different hashtags to identify their participants. So, please read their terms & conditions carefully before you upload your work.
This campaign is supported by multiple media platforms and each platform will give away different prizes too.
Kindly refer to the T&C for further clarification.

Is it possible for me to win more than 1 prize?

Yes, of course you can! You can submit photos based on any theme, however each participant can only win 1 prize in a theme.

How do I collect my prizes?

All weekly prizes will be given to all winners after the end of the contest. OPPO personnel will reach out to you for the arrangement within two weeks after the contest has ended. The ultimate prizes will be given to all winners at the award ceremony. OPPO personnel will also reach out to all ultimate winners for their availability to attend the award ceremony. In case the ultimate winners can’t make it to the award ceremony, other arrangements will be made for prize delivery.